Canasta is HOT!

Over the past few years Canasta (and forms of Canasta) have become very popular again.  We like to attribute it to what I believe was "poker boredom"!  We all saw the craze of card games like "Texas Hold-Em" come and then they kind of crawled underneath the table as if it they were pretty much forgotten.  Although we know that the "Hold-Em" craze still has many followers, there is no doubt that even more of those same players have moved on to card games that have a little more depth or challenge to them.  Canasta appears to have become a perfect fit!

Among the most popular forms of Canasta that has grown in popularity over the past few years has been "Hand and Foot."  A game where you try to make 3 "clean" and 3 "dirty" books in order to go out.  It is a fun game filled with "hands, feet, and spreads" that is loads of fun.  The goal is to first get rid of the cards in your "hand" and then your "foot".  Then, at the end of 4 hands, the team with the most points wins. 

Newt's Canasta Playing Cards is a great place for canasta lovers to come and get the supplies they need for their next game night.  A site that was created just for Canasta Lovers!

Featured Canasta Products

Bicycle Canasta Playing Cards


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Poker Size (2-1/2 x 3-1/2) / 073854017630

This Canasta deck of cards comes from Bicycle Playing Cards.  To make it easier for scoring this deck includes the points values under the number/suit to make it easier for scoring.  This makes game play faster & easier for beginners and seasoned players.  The cards are made of high quality card stock that is plastic coated and has the Bicycle patented "air cushion" finish.

Bicycle Automatic Playing Card Shuffler - Shuffles 1 to 2 decks


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Need a good shuffler at a good price? Bicycle has you covered with an automatic playing card shuffler that will not only help keep players honest, but comes with a great warranty from the manufacturer. So why trust your card game to "shady shufflers"?

Six (6) Deck Revolving (Swivel) Playing Card Tray/Holder


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Great for rummy, canasta, hand and foot, or any multiple card, multi-deck card game. This card tray will hold up to 6 decks of cards! By far these card trays are the deepest we have ever had. At about 2-1/4 inch deep they will hold up to six decks pretty comfortably. This clear, Six Deck Playing Card Tray swivels or rotates and is made of plastic. The tray holds Six decks of playing cards and works great for games like Canasta or any other game that requires a draw/discard pile. CARDS NOT INCLUDED.

Nine (9) Deck Revolving Playing Card Tray


In stock

This clear  9 Deck Card Tray is made of high quality, durable plastic. The tray holds up to NINE decks of playing cards!   Perfect for games like "Hand and Foot" this card tray holds more decks of cards. It has two draw piles and one discard pile.

Wooden, Curved Shape Card Holders - Includes 2 Card Holders


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These card holders are ideal gifts for the card enthusiast who likes to keep his hands free. Curved for private viewing, this wooden holder displays a hand of playing cards allowing you to eat, drink or do whatever you wish with. CARDS NOT INCLUDED.

Four (4) Deck Automatic Playing Card Shuffler - Shuffles 1 to 4 decks


In stock

This Four Deck Automatic Playing Card Shuffler shuffles standard poker or bridge sized playing cards (not included).  It is battery operated (not included) and works great for blackjack, Canasta, Hand & Foot or any other multi-deck card games.


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